Workout Nutrition

Whether you are an experienced athlete, an avid weightlifter, or a gym-goer who is just concerned with improving their health, nutrition plays a key role in the results that we see from our workouts. There are countless pre-packaged options to choose from that are specifically designed to be consumed pre and post workout. These can […]

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Hiking for Exercise

Hiking is a fun and adventurous way to expand your world and stay in shape. Hiking trips can range from short day hikes to spending months on the Appalachian Trail. There are several opportunities for planning day hikes in upper East Tennessee such as; Buffalo Mountain, Laurel Falls, Roan Mountain, Beauty Spot and Twisted Falls. […]

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What’s All This About Yoga?

Yoga has grown exponentially in popularity in Western culture over the last few decades. Many cities have studios for the practice and most gyms now offer several forms of yoga as group fitness classes. So many options can make it difficult to decide which style would be best for your fitness needs. I’ve done the […]

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